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Hotel Felice - Location

Rome is unique as a city. Its thousands of years of history and the huge variety of artistic and architectural heritage make it one of its kind in the world.

There are priceless treasures such as the Sistine Chapel, the Coliseum and the Trevi Fountain, but also lively places such as Campo de’ Fiori and Trastevere. Rome is this and lots more too: a city that will capture your heart from the very first moment. You will want to return there as soon as you can.

To help you get to know the city and discover its true essence, we are pleased to be able to suggest some personalized itineraries based on your type of interests. In the meantime, here is a brief look at what you can see, with this itinerary based on the pomp and glory of Imperial Rome.

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Archeological itinerary

Take the blue line subway from Termini Station and get off at the Coliseum (second stop).

Go and visit the Roman Forum first, the wonderful area of ruins that dates back to the 6th century B.C. that stands on the Palatine Hill.

Go past the Arch of Constantine and you will find yourselves in front of the majestic Coliseum: this huge amphitheater built in just 5 years (from 75 to 80 A.D.) where the famous, bloody gladiator and animal "games" were held.

Right opposite you will find the Domus Aurea, a huge palace built for the Emperor Nero.

South of the Coliseum there is the Circus Maximus: you can choose to walk there or to take the blue line subway (first stop after the Coliseum) The Circus area was set up for chariot races, a pastime loved by the Romans and could hold up to 250,000 spectators.

A short distance from the Circus Maximus you can also visit the Terme di Caracalla, the luxurious "well-being" center, i.e. the thermal baths used by the ancient Romans that were built in marble and which had an advanced plumbing system that supplied hot water to the baths.

Hotel Felice - Directions

By car

From the motorway A1 Milan/Rome:

Take the exit for Via Salaria - city center from the G.R.A. ring road.

Turn left into Viale Regina Margherita from Via Salaria and carry on until Piazzale del Verano.

Continue into Via De Lollis, Via Marucini and Via Tiburtina, where you will find Hotel Felice at no.30.

From the Motorway A2 Rome/Naples:

Take the exit for Via Prenestina - city center from the G.R.A. ring road. Once you have reached Porta Maggiore, turn into Via Giolitti.

Turn right into Piazzale Tiburtino when you go under the Santa Bibiana tunnel and go along Via Tiburtina until you reach no.30, the Hotel Felice.

By plane

From Rome Fumicino "Leonardo da Vinci" Airport you can travel to the hotel by taxi or train, which will take you straight to the Central Termini Station. Go to Via Giolitti from the station and carry on down Via Filippo Turati. From there take bus no. 71 and get off in Piazzale Tiburtino (fourth stop). Hotel Felice is at no. 30, just 30 meters from the stop.

By train

Hotel Felice is about 700 meters from Rome’s Central Termini Station.

To walk to the hotel, exit the station from the Via Marsala side, carry straight on and go past Porta Tiburtina. From Piazzale Tiburtino turn into Via Tiburtina and go straight on until you reach no. 30, where you will find the hotel.

If you prefer public transport, go out of the station from the Via Giolitti side and carry on into Via Filippo Turati. From there take bus no. 71 and get off in Piazzale Tiburtino (fourth stop). Hotel Felice is at no. 30 Via Tiburtina, just 30 meters from the stop.

" The lighted lamp is the symbol of eternal Rome, Virgil’s soul is vigilant and active. (Olga Visentini) "