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This is the Official Website of Hotel Felice in Rome, contact is direct with us, customized and immediate.

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1) The best available rate - We always guarantee the best available rates online and offline; Our staff is at your disposal to provide all the information you need.
2) The best conditions - Your plans have changed and you need to cancel or change your reservation? On our Official Site, you can go ahead and change your mind at the best conditions.
3) Special offers and exclusive promotions - Available and bookable only here.
4) Credit Card at the highest safety standards - Use your credit card confidently and safely, our booking system is 128-bit encrypted for maximum security, privacy and confidentiality of your personal and credit card details.
5) Free Upgrade - Every direct guest is always privileged, for you a free room upgrade when available upon check-in.

If you book directly with us Your room in Rome, Hotel Felice has a special 5% discount on your stay. What are you waiting for?



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